Sometimes tactical detective work alone is not enough to find the truth. In addition, the use of laboratory techniques on the "silent witnesses" can reveal information that can provide answers that can clear the "puzzle" . Every contact leaves its trace.

Investigating traces and trace- carriers
Secured evidence and detected carriers will be scrutinized in the therefore certified forensic labs. The results will be interpreted in a detached manner and can add information in addition to- or for comparison with the information of the tactical part of the investigation. Forensic analysis of traces and trace-carriers leads to scientific truth finding.

Interludium Forensics offers a variety of forensic "tools" originating from the scientific field, such as:

Microscopie Biological investigation
Biological evidence can be categorized in the human, flora and fauna heredity. During these investigations the focus and the aim is to identify and individualize the donor of the trace. A well known genetic technique in biological investigation is the use of DNA. Individuals can be identified or DNA can be used to provide information about family bonds.

Identification, heredity- and genetic research.

Chemical investigation
The aim for chemical investigation is to gather information about the compound of a particular substance. With the knowledge of the chemical structure unknown substances and materials can be compared and investigated to gather its identity or seemingly identical materials can be distinguished.

Narcotics, toxicology, doping, authenticity research, fuel accelerators.

Document- and writing
Drivers licenses, travel documents, money, contracts, certificates and diplomas are just a few examples of documents that contain a higher value for persons and/or corporate organizations. By using different techniques Interludium Forensics can act upon the heredity and the authenticity of the particular document. For example establishing fingerprint marks, comparing ink ingredients on documents that are possibly falsified, analyzing handwriting and signatures are investigative techniques that can provide the investigator with additional information on the authenticity of a document or the person responsible for creating the document.

Counterfeit, authenticity research, forgery, value judgement, identification.

Digital investigation
Digital traces can be part of the evidence when using computers or other data carrier. Digital investigation concerns the retrieval of deleted files and documents, collection and analyses of digital data through monitoring network-, or email interactions or to retrieve any other data that can provide insight into the actions executed on a computer, tablet or (smart)phone.

Phones, computers, open sources, networks etc.

Fingerprints Biometrics (fingerprints)
In addition to fingerprints where every contact leaves its trace, this is also valid for the palm of the hand as for foot pad prints that can be further investigated. By the use of different mechanical and chemical methods, Interludium Forensics is able to collect these types of prints in or on any possible carrier. Collected prints can be compared to reference prints of known individuals. In a final stage such a comparison may lead to the identification and the individualization of the donor of the trace that was left behind. Interludium Forensics collects its reference materials by using a unique contact free digital device that operates in accordance with the legal regulations and directives. The contact free digital device provides the highest quality images and guarantees that the information is ideal for file storage and comparing collected prints at any moment when necessary.

Contact traces, burglary, theft. identification, access control, etc.

Ballistic investigation
Ballistic investigations encompass the research on a diversity of weapons, ammunition and also the pathway and behavior of a projectile when on route after leaving a weapon (ballistics) and its correlated injuries caused by physical force. In the field of ballistic investigations Interludium Forensics is able to identify ammunition, substantiate or disqualify certain hypotheses about the correlation of ammunition and its associated weapon, shooting distance determination and all the weapons and ammunition investigations concerning the legal regulations of its use. Forensic ballistic, comparisons, law procedures and regulations..
The fields of expertise described above are just a part of the forensic techniques that Interludium Forensics can implement. For questions or any further information about these and other forms of forensic investigation please do not hesitate to contact us.